Local randomness in Hardy's correlations: Implications from information causality principle

Research paper by MD. Rajjak Gazi, Ashutosh Rai, Samir Kunkri, Ramij Rahaman

Indexed on: 31 Jul '10Published on: 31 Jul '10Published in: Quantum Physics


Study of nonlocal correlations in term of Hardy's argument has been quite popular in quantum mechanics. Recently Hardy's argument of non-locality has been studied in the context of generalized non-signaling theory as well as theory respecting information causality. Information causality condition significantly reduces the success probability for Hardy's argument when compared to the result based on non-signaling condition. Here motivated by the fact that maximally entangled state in quantum mechanics does not exhibit Hardy's non-local correlation, we do a qualitative study of the property of local randomness of measured observable on each side reproducing Hardy's non-locality correlation,in the context of information causality condition. On applying the necessary condition for respecting the principle of information causality, we find that there are severe restrictions on the local randomness of measured observable in contrast to results obtained from no-signaling condition.Still, there are some restrictions imposed by quantum mechanics that are not obtained from information causality condition.