Local hyperthermia cleared multifarious viral warts in a patient with Cushing's syndrome.

Research paper by Ming-Han MH Mu, Yi-Ning YN Wang, Yu Y Huang, Xue-Li XL Niu, Hong-Duo HD Chen, Xing-Hua XH Gao, Rui-Qun RQ Qi

Indexed on: 12 Jan '19Published on: 12 Jan '19Published in: Dermatologic Therapy


A female Cushing's syndrome patient had been suffering from extensive viral warts for months. She was diagnosed with flat warts, common warts and plantar warts. The plantar warts on her right foot were initially treated using local hyperthermia at 44°C for 30 minutes according to a defined protocol, followed by treatment targeting a common wart on her left thumb. In response to hyperthermia, the flat warts on her eyelid dissipated within 12 weeks, and when combined with a one week administration of imiquimod, the common warts and plantar warts completely disappeared within 8 weeks. There were no signs of recurrence and during this treatment her Cushing's syndrome was alleviated. This pioneer trial suggests that local hyperthermia may serve as an effective mean for treating multiple cutaneous warts under the conditions of a systemic immuno-compromised disease. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.