Local Behavior of Arithmetical Functions with Applications to Automorphic L-Functions

Research paper by Yuk-Kam Lau, Jianya Liu, Jie Wu

Indexed on: 07 Mar '16Published on: 07 Mar '16Published in: Mathematics - Number Theory


We derive a Voronoi-type series approximation for the local weighted mean of an arithmetical function that is associated to Dirichlet series satisfying a functional equation with gamma factors. The series is exploited to study the oscillation frequency with a method of Heath-Brown and Tsang [7]. A by-product is another proof for the well-known result of no element in the Selberg class of degree 0 \textless{} d \textless{} 1. Our major applications include the sign-change problem of the coefficients of automorphic L-functions for GL m , which improves significantly some results of Liu and Wu [14]. The cases of modular forms of half-integral weight and Siegel eigenforms are also considered.