Liver herniation into the pericardium: an unusual cause of massive pericardial effusion with intrapericardial mass in a neonate.

Research paper by S S Anandaraja, A A Kumar, S S Agarwala, G S GS Gulati, C S CS Bal, S S SS Kothari

Indexed on: 10 Aug '05Published on: 10 Aug '05Published in: Pediatric Cardiology


In neonates presenting with massive pericardial effusion and pericardial mass, liver herniation into the pericardium is a rare diagnosis. Echocardiogram and CT scan are useful investigations in the diagnosis of pericardial masses. Continuation of the mass with the liver with the same texture as the liver helps to make the diagnosis of intrapericardial herniation of liver. Correct diagnosis of this condition is important because the surgical approach needed for management of this condition is different from that used for other pericardial masses.