Liquid-crystalline [60]fullerene-TTF dyads.

Research paper by Emmanuel E Allard, Frédéric F Oswald, Bertrand B Donnio, Daniel D Guillon, Juan Luis JL Delgado, Fernando F Langa, Robert R Deschenaux

Indexed on: 28 Jan '05Published on: 28 Jan '05Published in: Organic Letters


[structure: see text] [60]Fullerene was functionalized with a TTF derivative and a bis-mesogenic fragment. The synthetic methodology was based on the addition of a malonate derivative to C60 (Bingel-type reaction). Both the malonate and dyad showed smectic B and A phases. The supramolecular organization within the smectic layers was of the monolayer type for the malonate and of the bilayer type for the fullerene derivative. In the latter case, the supramolecular organization was governed by the C60 unit.