Liquid chromatographic determination including simultaneous "on-cartridge" separation of ranitidine cisapride drug combinations from paediatric plasma samples using an automated solid-phase extraction procedure.

Research paper by L G LG Hare, D S DS Mitchel, J S JS Millership, P S PS Collier, J C JC McElnay, M D MD Shields, D J DJ Carson, R R Fair

Indexed on: 03 Jun '04Published on: 03 Jun '04Published in: Journal of Chromatography B


HPLC methodology was investigated for the simultaneous determination of cisapride and ranitidine in small volume paediatric plasma samples. Such a simultaneous determination proved difficult due to the small sample volumes, the low concentrations of the drugs and the different log P values of the two compounds. The two drugs and their respective internal standards were separated "on-cartridge" using HLB Solid Phase Extraction cartridges and the samples quantified by individual HPLC methodologies. The technique has been applied successfully to 60 paediatric plasma samples containing both cisapride and ranitidine.