Lipschitz Continuity Properties for p−Adic Semi-Algebraic and Subanalytic Functions

Research paper by Raf Cluckers, Georges Comte, François Loeser

Indexed on: 23 Apr '10Published on: 23 Apr '10Published in: Geometric and Functional Analysis


We prove that a (globally) subanalytic function \({f : X \subset {\bf Q}^{n}_{p} \rightarrow {\bf Q}_{p}}\) which is locally Lipschitz continuous with some constant C is piecewise (globally on each piece) Lipschitz continuous with possibly some other constant, where the pieces can be taken to be subanalytic. We also prove the analogous result for a subanalytic family of functions \({f_{y} : X_{y} \subset {\bf Q}^{n}_{p} \rightarrow {\bf Q}_{p}}\) depending on p−adic parameters. The statements also hold in a semi-algebraic set-up and also in a finite field extension of Qp. These results are p−adic analogues of results of K. Kurdyka over the real numbers. To encompass the total disconnectedness of p−adic fields, we need to introduce new methods adapted to the p−adic situation.