Liouville action and Weil-Petersson metric on deformation spaces, global Kleinian reciprocity and holography

Research paper by Leon A. Takhtajan, Lee-Peng Teo

Indexed on: 21 May '02Published on: 21 May '02Published in: Mathematics - Complex Variables


We rigorously define the Liouville action functional for finitely generated, purely loxodromic quasi-Fuchsian group using homology and cohomology double complexes naturally associated with the group action. We prove that the classical action - the critical point of the Liouville action functional, considered as a function on the quasi-Fuchsian deformation space, is an antiderivative of a 1-form given by the difference of Fuchsian and quasi-Fuchsian projective connections. This result can be considered as global quasi-Fuchsian reciprocity which implies McMullen's quasi-Fuchsian reciprocity. We prove that the classical action is a Kahler potential of the Weil-Petersson metric. We also prove that Liouville action functional satisfies holography principle, i.e., it is a regularized limit of the hyperbolic volume of a 3-manifold associated with a quasi-Fuchsian group. We generalize these results to a large class of Kleinian groups including finitely generated, purely loxodromic Schottky and quasi-Fuchsian groups and their free combinations.