Linking phosphorus export and hydrologic modeling: a case study in Central Italy.

Research paper by Andrea A Petroselli, Antonio A Leone, Maria Nicolina MN Ripa, Fabio F Recanatesi

Indexed on: 08 Aug '14Published on: 08 Aug '14Published in: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment


Soil erosion is an open topic, not only because soil fertility is lost, but also because nutrients are spilled into water bodies, thereby causing pollution. Research carried out in this field has amply described this process, but the interaction between these factors is complex and experimental research is needed to understand the production of loads of nutrients for different land uses. This paper describes a long-term monitoring case study using high-resolution rainfall data and runoff samples, carried out in the Lake Vico basin (Central Italy) to determine the phosphorus (P) export during erosive rainfall events. State of the art GIS-based basin characterization and advanced rainfall-runoff models are employed in order to describe the relationship between nutrient export and rainfall or runoff time distribution. Results show that the phosphorus export is strongly related to such time distributions, and less to the cumulative amount of rainfall or runoff.