Linkage mapping of '25-kDa globulin' genes on homoeologous group-1 chromosomes of bread and durum wheat.

Research paper by M T MT Nieto-Taladriz, M M Pernas, G G Salcedo, J M JM Carrillo

Indexed on: 01 Oct '96Published on: 01 Oct '96Published in: Theoretical and Applied Genetics


Acid polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis (A-PAGE) of ethanol-soluble proteins from the endosperm of bread and durum wheats reveals some bands encoded by genes on the homoeologous group-1 chromosomes with higher mobility than the α-gliadins. The isolation of these proteins showed that they were the previously described '25-kDa globulins' encoded by genes at the Glo-A1, Glo-B1, and Glo-D1 loci. The variability found among a collection of 51 bread and 81 durum wheats was very low: two allelic variants at Glo-A1 and no variants at Glo-B1 in each of the two species, and two allelic variants at Glo-D1 in bread wheat. Inheritance studies of '25-kDa globulin' genes on group-1 chromosomes of bread and durum wheat were carried out on the F2 progeny from four crosses, two in bread wheat and two in durum wheat. The linkage mapping of the 1A '25-kDa globulin' genes of bread wheat was done based on four prolamin loci: Glu-A1, Glu-A3, Gli-A1 and Gli -A3. The percentages of recombination and the distances found allowed a re-evaluation of the linkage map of endosperm protein loci on this chromosome. The Glo-A1 locus was found to be located at the distal end of the short arm of 1A chromosome, at a distance of 5.23±1.99 cM from Gli-A1, 6.85±2.22 cM from Glu-A3, 22.64±3.62 cM from Gli-A1, and at a recombination percentage of 49.30±4.40 from Glu-A1. A similar distance between Gli-A1 and Glo-A1 (4.82±1.75 and 6.66±2.26 cM) was found in durum wheat. The distance between Gli-D1 and Glo-D1 on chromosome 1D was 2.86±1.39 cM.