Linearly-polarized Tm-doped double-clad fiber laser

Research paper by D. Z. Yang, W. Liu, T. Chen, W. Ye, Y. H. Shen

Indexed on: 02 Jul '10Published on: 02 Jul '10Published in: Laser physics


We report a linearly polarized Tm doped fiber laser. The fiber laser was set up by using a piece of polarization maintaining Tm doped double clad fiber of 5 m length as gain medium and a polarization beam splitter as a polarization selector. The fiber laser was pumped by a fiber pigtailed laser diode working at 790 nm with a maximum output power of 90 W. The linearly polarized Tm laser operated at wavelength around 2030 nm. A maximum output power up to 21.9 W was achieved when the pump power was 63.27 W with a threshold of 11.92 W, a slope efficiency of about 43.7%, and a polarization extinction ratio of 92.7% (11.37 dB). In addition to the blue fluorescence, we also observed the violet fluorescence under high pump power level. The up-conversion fluorescence was considered to be attributed to the 1G4 → 3H6, and 1D2 → 3F4 transitions of Tm ions, respectively.