Linear optics quantum Toffoli and Fredkin gates

Research paper by Jaromir Fiurasek

Indexed on: 27 Feb '06Published on: 27 Feb '06Published in: Quantum Physics


We design linear optics multiqubit quantum logic gates. We assume the traditional encoding of a qubit onto state of a single photon in two modes (e.g. spatial or polarization). We suggest schemes allowing direct probabilistic realization of the fundamental Toffoli and Fredkin gates without resorting to a sequence of single- and two-qubit gates. This yields more compact schemes and potentially reduces the number of ancilla photons. The proposed setups involve passive linear optics, sources of auxiliary single photons or maximally entangled pairs of photons, and single-photon detectors. In particular, we propose an interferometric implementation of the Toffoli gate in the coincidence basis, which does not require any ancilla photons and is experimentally feasible with current technology.