Linear canonical transformations and quantum phase:a unified canonical and algebraic approach

Research paper by T. Hakioglu

Indexed on: 23 Jun '99Published on: 23 Jun '99Published in: Quantum Physics


The algebra of generalized linear quantum canonical transformations is examined in the prespective of Schwinger's unitary-canonical basis. Formulation of the quantum phase problem within the theory of quantum canonical transformations and in particular with the generalized quantum action-angle phase space formalism is established and it is shown that the conceptual foundation of the quantum phase problem lies within the algebraic properties of the quantum canonical transformations in the quantum phase space. The representations of the Wigner function in the generalized action-angle unitary operator pair for certain Hamiltonian systems with the dynamical symmetry are examined. This generalized canonical formalism is applied to the quantum harmonic oscillator to examine the properties of the unitary quantum phase operator as well as the action-angle Wigner function.