Limestone dimension stone quarry waste properties for concrete in Western Turkey

Research paper by Hakan Elçi, Necdet Türk, İsmail İşintek

Indexed on: 08 Mar '15Published on: 08 Mar '15Published in: Arabian Journal of Geosciences


The aim of this paper is to assess the influence of the composition and texture of the limestone on aggregate properties from the five working dimension stone quarries wastes of Karaburun Peninsula in Western Turkey. The limestone samples were tested to determine their petrographic, mineralogic, and chemical characteristics and aggregate properties. Then, the testing concretes were prepared by using these aggregates, and hardened concrete properties were determined. According to the results obtained, limestone was found to be suitable for use as coarse and fine aggregate in normal-strength concrete production. But, the quality of concretes made using the limestone aggregates were found to be dependent on the silica ratio present in them. The threshold value of the silica ratio is determined to be 2 % by weight for the alkali-silica reaction development in concrete made with the Karaburun dimension stone quarries wastes.