Light-Weight Frame Wall Assemblies: Parameters for Consideration in Fire Resistance Performance-Based Design

Research paper by Mohamed A. Sultan, Venkatesh R. Kodur

Indexed on: 01 May '00Published on: 01 May '00Published in: Fire Technology


With the advent of performance-based codes and fire safety design options, it is essential to determine parameters that affect the fire-resistance performance of assemblies. This paper presents the results of 17 full-scale fire-resistance tests conducted as part of a major industry-government research program investigating parameters that affect the fire-resistance performance of light-weight frame wall assemblies. These include the effects of insulation type, insulation width between studs, resilient channel location, gypsum board thickness, number of gypsum board layers, glass fiber in the gypsum board core, gypsum board mass per unit area, and stud type for light-weight frame wall assemblies finished with gypsum board. The effects of these parameters on the fire resistance are discussed.