Leptogenesis: Neutrinos and New Lepton Flavor Violation at the Tev Energy Scale

Research paper by Ernest Ma

Indexed on: 13 Oct '00Published on: 13 Oct '00Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


Leptogenesis, i.e. the creation of a lepton asymmetry in the early Universe, may occur through the decay of heavy singlet (right-handed) neutrinos. If we require it not to be erased by physics beyond the Standard Model at the TeV energy scale, then only 2 candidates are possible if they are subgroups of $E_6$. These 2 solutions happen to be also the only ones within 1$\sigma$ of the atomic parity violation data and the invisible $Z$ width. Lepton flavor violation is predicted in one model, as well as in another unrelated model of neutrino masses where the observable decay of a doubly charged scalar would determine the relative magnitude of each element of the neutrino mass matrix.