Lectures on 4d N=1 dynamics and related topics

Research paper by Yuji Tachikawa

Indexed on: 21 Dec '18Published on: 21 Dec '18Published in: arXiv - High Energy Physics - Theory


This lecture series consists of mostly independent three parts: Part 1: a tour of basic 4d N=1 supersymmetric dynamics, covering the pure super Yang-Mills, the Seiberg duality for classical groups, the supersymmetric index on S^3, and the a-maximization. Part 2: a brief look at 2d N=(2,2) and N=(0,2) dynamics, covering the Landau-Ginzburg and Calabi-Yau models, the elliptic genera on T^2, and the triality of Gadde-Gukov-Putrov. Appendix: a review of basic properties of supersymmetries in various dimensions. Part of the content is based on an unpublished collaboration with F. Yagi and another with K. Kikuchi.