Leaf diffusion resistance pattern in an oak-hornbeam forest

Research paper by P. Eliáš

Indexed on: 05 Apr '08Published on: 05 Apr '08Published in: Biologia Plantarum


Four tree, five shrub, and ten herbaceous species growing naturally in an oak-hornbeam forest were used for simultaneous study of the leaf diffusive resistances in the course of several summer days. Absolute minima of the stomatal resistance in the sun tree, the shrub, and the herbaceous species leaves were 1.7 to 6.2 s cm-1, 6.1 to 10.8 s cm-1, and 4.8 to 9.7 (17.3 inConvallaria majalis leaves) s cm-1, respectively. Minimum daily leaf resistances in the course of a day were noted earlier in the morning in sun leaves of large trees than in shade leaves of other species. Stomata were fully opened later in the morning and they began to close sooner in the afternoon in usual shade leaves of the plants in the interior of the forest canopy than those in sun leaves in active surfaces of the canopy (tops of tree crowns). The relatively large differences in leaf resistances found among investigated species may be explained by differences in leaf anatomy (stomata frequency and size) and in ambient leaf or plant environment caused by leaf (plant) position in different vertical layers.