LCT-13910C>T polymorphism-associated lactose malabsorption and risk for colorectal cancer in Italy.

Research paper by Elena E Tarabra, Paola P Pazienza, Elisabetta E Borghesio, Giovanni C GC Actis, Gianfranco G Tappero, Luciana L Framarin, Mohammad M Ayoubi, Francesca F Castellino, Nicola N Leone, Giovanni G Sansoè, Paolo P De Paolis, Alessandro A Comandone, Floriano F Rosina

Indexed on: 07 Apr '10Published on: 07 Apr '10Published in: Digestive and Liver Disease


The activity of epithelial lactase (LCT) associates with a polymorphism 13910 bp upstream the LCT-encoding gene (LCT-13910C>T). The relationship between LCT-13910C>T polymorphism and risk for colorectal cancer is unclear.We examined the relationship between the LCT-13910C>T polymorphism causing lactose intolerance and risk for colorectal cancer/polyps onset in the Italian population.793 subjects (306 with colorectal cancer, 176 with polyps and 311 controls) were genotyped for the LCT-13910C>T variant by TaqMan real time-PCR.Lactose malabsorption linked to the CC genotype did not associate with an increased risk for either colorectal cancer (OR=1.041; 95% CI=0.751-1.442; p=0.868) or polyps (OR=0.927; 95% CI=0.630-1.363; p=0.769). There was no association with colorectal cancer/polyps site. 60% of the subjects overall bore the CC genotype.In the Italian population the LCT-13910C>T polymorphism is not associated to the risk for colorectal cancer or polyps.