Latent Dirichlet Allocation and POS Tags Based Method for External Plagiarism Detection

Research paper by Daud, Ali, Khan, Jamal Ahmad, Nasir, Jamal Abdul, Abbasi, Rabeeh Ayaz, Aljohani, Naif Radi, Alowibdi, Jalal S.

Indexed on: 01 Jun '18Published on: 01 Jul '18Published in: International journal on Semantic Web and information systems


In this article we present a new semantic and syntactic-based method for external plagiarism detection. In the proposed approach, latent dirichlet allocation (LDA) and parts of speech (POS) tags are used together to detect plagiarism between the sample and a number of source documents. The basic hypothesis is that considering semantic and syntactic information between two text documents may improve the performance of the plagiarism detection task. Our method is based on two steps, naming, which is a pre-processing where we detect the topics from the sentences in documents using the LDA and convert each sentence in POS tags array; then a post processing step where the suspicious cases are verified purely on the basis of semantic rules. For two types of external plagiarism (copy and random obfuscation), we empirically compare our approach to the state-of-the-art N-gram based and stop-word N-gram based methods and observe significant improvements.