Large-scale mapping using high-molecular-weight DNA fromP. vulgaris

Research paper by Francine Creusot, Mireille Sevignac, Michel Dron

Indexed on: 01 May '92Published on: 01 May '92Published in: Plant Molecular Biology Reporter


The application of megabase methods is essential for positional cloning of genes for which no products have been characterized. We have set about the isolation of genes conferring resistance to pathogens in the french beanPhaseolus vulgaris. We describe here the isolation of high-molecular-weight DNA, pulse-field gel electrophoresis and large-scale mapping of thePal2 locus inP. vulgaris. We describe the construction of such a map by embedding DNA isolated from leaf nuclei in agarose plugs, restricting it with rare cutters and subjecting the DNA to pulse-field gel electrophoresis.