Large eddy simulations of the gas–liquid flow in a rectangular bubble column

Research paper by T. Ma, T. Ziegenhein, D. Lucas, J. Fröhlich

Indexed on: 14 Mar '16Published on: 29 Aug '15Published in: Nuclear Engineering and Design


The paper presents Euler–Euler Large Eddy Simulations of dispersed bubbly flow in a rectangular bubble column at a low Reynolds number. The physical models describing the momentum exchange between the phases including drag, lift and wall force were chosen according to previous experiences of the authors. The emphasis of the study is the analysis of bubbly flows concerning the investigation of the influence of the bubble-induced turbulence model. It is found that the presented modeling combination provides fairly good agreement with experimental data for the mean flow. The impact of the modeling on the liquid velocity fluctuations is investigated and the energy spectrum obtained from the resolved velocity is discussed.

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