Large core optical planar splitter for visible and infrared region

Research paper by Václav Prajzler, Marian Knietel, Radek Maštera

Indexed on: 01 Feb '16Published on: 01 Feb '16Published in: Optical and Quantum Electronics


We report about design, fabrication and optical properties of large core multimode optical polymer splitter for visible and infrared spectral region. The splitters were designed by beam propagation method for large core waveguides with 1 mm diameter fibers. UV acrylate photopolymer was used as waveguide core layers and poly(methyl methacrylate) was used for substrate and cover layer, respectively. The splitter had insertion loss 5.8 dB for 532 nm and 6.3 dB for 650 nm in visible region and 6.1 dB for 1310 nm and 6.2 dB for 1550 nm in infrared region, respectively. The splitters as this one may find their application in low cost short distances optical networks in a wide range of the spectrum.