Laparoscopic repair of a rectal fistula due to a benign ovarian dermoid cyst.

Research paper by Ji Hye JH Kim, Gun Oh GO Chong, Da Som DS Chun, Soo Yeun SY Park, Yoon Hee YH Lee, Dae Gy DG Hong

Indexed on: 10 Aug '17Published on: 10 Aug '17Published in: Obstetrics & gynecology science


Ovarian dermoid cysts are one of the most common benign neoplasms in women. Rectal fistula formation due to an ovarian dermoid cyst, particularly a benign dermoid cyst, is extremely rare. A 17-year-old girl with symptoms of lower abdominal pain, passage of sebaceous materials in the stool, and hematochezia was found to have an 11-cm dermoid cyst complicated with a rectal fistula formation. Laparoscopic repair of the rectal fistula was performed successfully with bilateral ovarian cystectomies. This case presents the rare formation of a fistula between a benign dermoid cyst and the rectum and its treatment using laparoscopic repair without laparotomy.