Laparoscopic colonic procedures

Research paper by Morris E. Franklin, Raul Ramos, Daniel Rosenthal, William Schuessler

Indexed on: 01 Jan '93Published on: 01 Jan '93Published in: World Journal of Surgery


With the advent and general acceptance of laparoscopy as a means of surgically treating intraabdominal disease processes, procedures on organs other than the gallbladder and female genital tract have slowly evolved. After developing basic techniques in an animal model, a clinical series (n=19) of laparoscopic procedures for a variety of colonic lesions was undertaken and is herein presented. It included both malignant and 1 nonmalignant disease processes and has carried an acceptable complication rate and survival. The average age of our patients was 68, and except for two extended postoperative hospitalizations and one death for nonprocedure-related complications, the patients were generally ready for discharge in less than 96 hours. Our current techniques and indications for laparoscopic colonic surgery are detailed.