[Laboratory detection of imported Plasmodium ovale wallikeri in Sichuan Province].

Research paper by Shang S Jing-Ye, Li L Li, Yu Y Tao, Liu L Yang, Wu W Xiao-Hong, Huo H Fang, Zou Z Yan

Indexed on: 20 Dec '18Published on: 20 Dec '18Published in: Zhongguo xue xi chong bing fang zhi za zhi = Chinese journal of schistosomiasis control


To identify 10 imported cases of infection in Sichuan Province from January to April in 2018, and to analyze the infection status of 1 079 malaria cases reported in this area from 2013 to 2017. The 10 cases collected in 2018 were examined by microscopy, RDT, nested PCR and sequencing. Meanwhile, the retrospective detections of of the 1 079 blood samples from past 5 years were conducted by nested PCR using -specific primers. For the 10 cases, the microscopic examinations were all positive for , of which 2 were mixed infection with , and the results of RDT were all positive for . Except for 2 cases of infection, the routine nested PCR showed negative results for rest of the samples. The nested PCR for the specific detection of showed the 10 cases were all positive, and the following sequencing confirmed that the 10 cases were all infected with . The retrospective tests discovered 2 cases both reported in 2017 and recorded as simple infection tuned out to be mixed infection with and . This is the first time that imported infection is founded in Sichuan Province.