Kraus Operators for a Pair of Interacting Qubits: a Case Study

Research paper by M. Arsenijević, J. Jeknić-Dugić, M. Dugić

Indexed on: 21 Apr '18Published on: 20 Apr '18Published in: Brazilian Journal of Physics


The Kraus form of the completely positive dynamical maps is appealing from the mathematical and the point of the diverse applications of the open quantum systems theory. Unfortunately, the Kraus operators are poorly known for the two-qubit processes. In this paper, we derive the Kraus operators for a pair of interacting qubits, while the strength of the interaction is arbitrary. One of the qubits is subjected to the x-projection spin measurement. The obtained results are applied to calculate the dynamics of the entanglement in the qubits system. We obtain the loss of the correlations in the finite time interval; the stronger the inter-qubit interaction, the longer lasting entanglement in the system.