Kinetics of Photogel Formation in Anthracene‐Containing Copolymers in the Presence of Singlet‐Excitation Energy Acceptors

Research paper by V. V. Mogil'nyi, Yu. V. Gritsai

Indexed on: 01 Mar '02Published on: 01 Mar '02Published in: Journal of Applied Spectroscopy


We suggest a technique to control the rate of photocrosslinking fluorescent polymers by introducing a consumable acceptor of the energy of singlet excitation. We have constructed a model of the processes occurring in a layer of a photocrosslinking anthracene‐containing copolymer with the addition of the acceptor which is spent in the reaction of photooxidation by oxygen of the air and the algorithm for calculating the curves of gel formation in the presence of the acceptor. Comparison of the experimental kinetics of the depletion of the acceptor and accumulation of a gel in a layer with the data of model calculations has proved their good agreement. The possibility of increasing the contrast coefficient of the characteristic curve of negative photoresists on the basis of fluorescent photocrosslinked polymers with the aid of singlet excitation energy acceptors is demonstrated.