Kinetics and mechanism of product formation in thermal decomposition of tetraphenylhydrazine

Research paper by V. T. Varlamov

Indexed on: 01 Jul '82Published on: 01 Jul '82Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


The stable products from the decomposition of tetraphenylhydrazine in inert solvents at 348–400°K are diphenylamine and a mixture of o- and p-semidine oligomers. The diphenylamine yield depends on the medium, but is no greater than 50% of the tetraphenylhydrazine decomposed.The formation of stable reaction products is preceded by a stage of formation of labile intermediates with the iminoquinolide structure as a result of recombinatiom of aminyl radicals.o-Semidines are formed as a result of intramolecular rearrangement of the corresponding o-iminoquinolide structures.p-Semidines and diphenylamine are the products of intermediate polyrecombination polymerization with the participation of aminyl radicals and iminoquinolide structures.