Karyotype analysis of some Minuartia L. (Caryophyllaceae) taxa

Research paper by Halil Erhan Eroğlu, Neslihan Şimşek, Murat Koç, Ergin Hamzaoğlu

Indexed on: 19 Oct '12Published on: 19 Oct '12Published in: Plant systematics and evolution = Entwicklungsgeschichte und Systematik der Pflanzen


Karyotypic characters, mitotic metaphase chromosomes, monoploid idiograms and karyograms of Minuartia anatolica (Boiss.) Woronow var. phrygia (Bornm.) McNeill, Minuartia anatolica (Boiss.) Woronow var. scleranthoides (Boiss. & Noe) McNeill, Minuartia corymbulosa (Boiss. & Balansa) McNeill var. gypsophilloides McNeill and Minuartia aksoyi M.Koç & Hamzaoğlu were investigated for the first time. Analysis of somatic metaphases showed that the chromosome numbers and the formulas of these taxa were 2n = 24 = 14m + 6sm + 4st for Minuartia anatolica var. phrygia, 2n = 14 = 6m + 8sm for Minuartia anatolica var. scleranthoides, 2n = 14 = 6m + 4sm + 4st for Minuartia corymbulosa var. gypsophilloides and 2n = 30 = 14m + 10sm + 6st for Minuartia aksoyi. No satellites were observed in the karyotypes of these taxa. Karyotype asymmetry was estimated by many different methods, namely the Stebbins classification, the karyotype asymmetry index (As K %), the total form percent (TF %), the Rec and Syi indices, the intrachromosomal asymmetry index (A1) and interchromosomal asymmetry index (A2), the dispersion index (DI), the degree of asymmetry of karyotype (A index) and the asymmetry index (AI).