Kaluza-Klein Monopoles and Gauged Sigma-Models

Research paper by Eric Bergshoeff, Bert Janssen, Tomas Ortin

Indexed on: 31 Jul '97Published on: 31 Jul '97Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We propose an effective action for the eleven-dimensional (bosonic) Kaluza-Klein monopole solution. The construction of the action requires that the background fields admit an Abelian isometry group. The corresponding sigma-model is gauged with respect to this isometry. The gauged sigma-model is the source for the monopole solution. A direct (double) dimensional reduction of the action leads to the effective action of a 10-dimensional D-6-brane (IIA Kaluza-Klein monopole). We also show that the effective action of the 10-dimensional heterotic Kaluza-Klein monopole (which is a truncation of the IIA monopole action) is T-dual to the effective action of the solitonic 5-brane. We briefly discuss the kappa-symmetric extension of our proposal and the possible role of gauged sigma-models in connection with the conjectured M-theory 9-brane.