Juvenile and adult problems in 20 forensic psychiatric rapists in Sweden.

Research paper by Judit J Lindqvist, Anna A M Dåderman, Ake A Hellström, Lars L Lidberg

Indexed on: 25 Nov '03Published on: 25 Nov '03Published in: Nordic journal of psychiatry


The purpose of this study was to assess the pattern of background variables of 20 convicted rapists. The sample comprised two distinct forensic psychiatric subgroups undergoing different treatments. Data were extracted from forensic psychiatric files. The study variables were juvenile and adult problems of the offenders, related by previous research to the occurrence of rape. Records of juvenile problems and juvenile psychological disturbances tended to co-occur with adult problems of aggressiveness, alcoholism and extensive criminality. The correlation analysis further supports the notion that psychosocial disturbances have a persistent character: in our sample, different problems in young age are linked to each other as well as to adulthood problems. The results are discussed in the light of empirical research and the need for early and proper individual treatment programmes.