Joint Remote Preparation of an Arbitrary Two-Qubit State in Noisy Environments

Research paper by Xiao-Wei Guan, Xiu-Bo Chen, Li-Chen Wang, Yi-Xian Yang

Indexed on: 28 Jan '14Published on: 28 Jan '14Published in: International Journal of Theoretical Physics


Utilizing a general joint remote state preparation (JRSP) model, we investigate the JRSP of an arbitrary two-qubit quantum state in noisy environments. Two important decoherence noise models, the amplitude-damping noise and the phase-damping noise, have been considered in our paper. Our investigation of the noisy environment mainly focuses on the process of distributing the channel state. We use fidelity to describe how close the output state with the prepared state are, and how much information has been lost in the transmission. Interestingly, studies show that, if the initial state is successfully prepared, the fidelities in these two cases will only depend on the amplitude parameter of the initial state and the decoherence noisy rate, but have nothing to do with the phase information. Finally, we make some discussions for these two cases to show that in which noisy environment more information will be lost.