JLPEA, Vol. 4, Pages 1-14: Compact Modeling Solutions for Oxide-Based Resistive Switching Memories (OxRAM)

Research paper by Marc Bocquet, Hassen Aziza, Weisheng Zhao, Yue Zhang, Santhosh Onkaraiah, Christophe Muller, Marina Reyboz, Damien Deleruyelle, Fabien Clermidy, Jean-;Michel Portal

Indexed on: 13 May '16Published on: 09 Jan '14Published in: Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications


Emerging non-volatile memories based on resistive switching mechanisms attract intense R&D efforts from both academia and industry. Oxide-based Resistive Random Acces Memories (OxRAM) gather noteworthy performances, such as fast write/read speed, low power and high endurance outperforming therefore conventional Flash memories. To fully explore new design concepts such as distributed memory in logic, OxRAM compact models have to be developed and implemented into electrical simulators to assess performances at a circuit level. In this paper, we present compact models of the bipolar OxRAM memory based on physical phenomenons. This model was implemented in electrical simulators for single device up to circuit level.