Isomerization of saturated hydrocarbons Communication 2. Isomeric transformations of C12 -C16 paraffins

Research paper by Al. A. Petrov, S. R. Sergienko, A. L. Tsedilina, M. P. Teterina

Indexed on: 01 May '58Published on: 01 May '58Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


A study was made of the isomerization of various paraffins having 12–16 carbon atoms in presence of a multifunctional catalyst and of hydrogen under pressure.In the isomerization of paraffins of a given molecular weight, branched paraffins, predominantly dimethylalkanes, are formed.A catalyst was found which has reduced cleavage power under the conditions for the isomerization of high-boiling hydrocarbons.A thermodynamic calculation was made of the “realizable-equilibrium composition” for C12- C16 paraffins.