Isomerization of n-butenes on nickel zeolite catalysts

Research paper by A. L. Lapidus, Ya. I. Isakov, R. V. Avetisyan, A. K. Sendel', Kh. M. Minachev, Ya. T. Éidus

Indexed on: 01 Jan '70Published on: 01 Jan '70Published in: Russian Chemical Bulletin


Synthetic zeolites CaA, CaX, CaY, DY, HM, and nickel-containing catalysts based on these zeolites show high activity in the displacement of the double bond in n-butenes. The most active of the catalysts studied are Ni/NaY, CaX, 5% Ni/DY, and 5% Ni/HM. The activity of type Y zeolite increases with increasing degree of exchange of Na+ for Ni2+.In addition to the displacement of the double bond, on a number of catalysts reactions leading to the formation of propylene and higher hydrocarbons, consisting chiefly of amylenes, as well as cis-trans-isomerization of n-butenes, take place.The hypothesis of primary formation of butene-2 on an ion-exchange nickel zeolite catalyst in the dimerization of ethylene was confirmed.