Isomerization of 3-methyl(3-13C)pentane over platinum supported sulphated zirconias: reaction mechanisms

Research paper by Ü. B. Demirci, F. Garin

Indexed on: 06 Mar '07Published on: 06 Mar '07Published in: Catalysis Letters


This paper studies the isomerization mechanisms of 3-methyl(3-13C)pentane over Pt supported sulphated zirconias (SZs). Pt hydrogenates the reaction intermediates that desorbs, hinders successive isomerizations from occurring and reduces the isomerization steps to two (three with Pt-free SZs). The isomerization is a monomolecular process to which Pt does not participate. Lastly, it is suggested that the ratio between the proportions of methyl migration and ethyl migration could be appreciated as a catalyst intrinsic characteristic.