Isolation and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite loci from Zelkova schneideriana Hand.-Mazz.

Research paper by H L HL Liu, R Q RQ Zhang, M L ML Geng, J Y JY Zhu, J L JL Ma

Indexed on: 17 Dec '14Published on: 17 Dec '14Published in: Genetics and molecular research : GMR


Zelkova schneideriana is a highly valued hardwood species. An improved technique for isolating codominant compound microsatellite markers was used to develop simple sequence repeat markers for Z. schneideriana. A total of 12 microsatellite loci were identified. Overall, the number of alleles per locus ranged from 8-19, with an average of 11.75. Observed heterozygosity and expected heterozygosity values ranged from 0.109-0.709 and 0.832-0.929, respectively. Polymorphic information content is from 0.803-0.915, with an average of 0.854. These markers will be very important for future research related to the genetic diversity, population structure, patterns of gene flow, and mating system of this species.