iSA: a fast, scalable and accurate algorithm for sentiment analysis of social media content

Research paper by Andrea Ceron, Luigi Curini, Stefano Maria Iacus

Indexed on: 11 Jun '16Published on: 04 Jun '16Published in: Information Sciences


We present iSA (integrated Sentiment Analysis), a novel algorithm designed for social networks and Web 2.0 sphere (Twitter, blogs, etc.) opinion analysis, i.e. developed for the digital environments characterized by abundance of noise compared to the amount of information. Instead of performing an individual classification and then aggregate the predicted values, iSA directly estimates the aggregated distribution of opinions. Based on supervised hand-coding rather than NLP techniques or ontological dictionaries, iSA is a language-agnostic algorithm (based on human coders’ abilities). iSA exploits a dimensionality reduction approach which makes it scalable, fast, memory efficient, stable and statistically accurate. The cross-tabulation of opinions is possible with iSA thanks to its stability. Through empirical analysis it will be shown when iSA outperforms machine learning techniques of individual classification (e.g. SVM, Random Forests, etc) as well as the only other alternative for aggregated sentiment analysis known as ReadMe.

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