[Ipsilateral brachial plexus C7 root transfer. Presentation of a case and a literature review].

Research paper by Enrique E Vergara-Amador, Alejandro A Ramírez

Indexed on: 12 Mar '13Published on: 12 Mar '13Published in: Neurocirugía


The C7 root in brachial plexus injuries has been used since 1986, since the first description by Gu at that time. This root can be used completely or partially in ipsilateral or contralateral lesions of the brachial plexus. A review of the literature and the case report of a 21-month-old girl with stab wounds to the neck and section of the C5 root of the right brachial plexus are presented. A transfer of the anterior fibres of the ipsilateral C7 root was performed. At 9 months there was complete recovery of abduction and external rotation of the shoulder.