Investigation of the action of six alkaloids derived from 1-methylpyrrolizidine on the growth of hepatoma and other transplanted animal tumors

Research paper by A. Ch. Pukhal'skaya, M. F. Petrova, I. V. Man'ko

Indexed on: 01 Aug '59Published on: 01 Aug '59Published in: Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine


Investigations were made to determine the toxicity and the effect of 6 alkaloids (heliotrine, viridiflorin. platyphillin, seneciphilline, lasiocarpine and heliosupine) on the growth of subcutaneously inoculated hepatoma of mice and Ehrlich's adenocarcinoma. The greatest inhibitory effect on the growth of the hepatoma was shown by lasiocarpine. A considerable inhibitory effect on Ehrlich's tumors was also exerted by heliosupine.