Investigation of phase interactions in C60 fullerite films during gas phase metal deposition

Research paper by Yu. V. Shevtsov, S. V. Trubin, Yu. V. Shubin, A. S. Berdinsky, B. M. Ayupov, D. Fink, Kh. G. Chan, V. S. Kravchenko

Indexed on: 01 Jan '04Published on: 01 Jan '04Published in: Journal of Structural Chemistry


Fullerite films covered with d-metal layers were obtained. The metal deposited over fullerite was shown to diffuse substantially into the films. The prepared heterophase film structures M/C60 were studied by X-ray diffraction and vibrational spectroscopy. It is established that the interaction between metal and fullerite phases gives rise to chemical bonds M—C60. It results in a partial polymerization of fullerite. Samples of metal-impregnated fullerite films exhibit semiconducting properties.