R. Engel-Herbert, A. Locatelli, S. Cherifi, D.M. Schaadt, J. Mohanty, K.H. Ploog, E. Bauer, R. Belkhou, S. Heun, A. Pavlovska, T. Leo, T. Hesjedal


We studied the magnetic coupling of ferromagnetic, submicron-sized stripes in the material system MnAs on GaAs. A specific coupling state, determined by stripe period and stripe width, can be tuned via film thickness and temperature, respectively. Micromagnetic imaging – in combination with micromagnetic simulations – reveals two coupling regimes. Strong magnetic coupling between the stripes creates micromagnetic domains extending across several stripes, whereas weak coupling allows for demagnetization within individual stripes. This behavior is observed for all investigatedfilm thicknesses, since a stripe geometry leading to a given coupling scenario is a function of temperature.