Investigation of conjugation in the Si-O-C-C-N system by nuclear magnetic resonance

Research paper by V. A. Pestunovich, M. G. Voronkov, é. Ya. Lukevits, L. I. Libert

Indexed on: 01 Sep '72Published on: 01 Sep '72Published in: Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry


The proton-magnetic-resonance spectra were investigated for 19 Β-aminoethoxysilanes in the R4-nSi(OCH2CH2NR′2)n and R′3-m(CH2CH2OR′)m series, where R=CH3, C2H5, or C6H5; R′=H, CH3, C2H5, or Si(CH3)3; and the values of n and m are 1–4 and 1–3, respectively. In the Si-O-C-C-N system the effect of substituents at the nitrogen or silicon atoms is transmitted either by conjugation in the chain or, when the conjugation is broken, by an induction mechanism.