Investigation into Material Strength and Direction of Applied Forces to Assess Bonding Behaviour of Micro-concrete

Research paper by Diptiranjan Nayak, Rashmi R. Pattnaik; Kailash C. Bhoi; Bikash C. Panda

Indexed on: 07 Nov '18Published on: 31 Oct '18Published in: Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A


Bond strength of micro-concrete was investigated by bonding micro-concretes with substrate concrete at different surfaces such as parallel, perpendicular and inclined with respect to applied forces. In different test procedures, the forces such as compressive, tensile, flexure and shear were applied on the bonding surfaces to dislodge the micro-concrete from the substrate for assessing the bonding behaviour of the materials. Three different strength micro-concretes having high, equal and low compressive strength with respect to the strength of substrate material were selected for bonding at different planes of the substrate material. The bond strengths measured from tensile and flexure test procedures were found to be independent of material strength of the micro-concretes as well as the substrate concrete, whereas in the compressive and slant shear test procedures, the bond strength is found to be dependent on the compressive strength of the materials. In further analysis using five more micro-concretes on the flexure test procedure, it was confirmed that the bonding behaviour of the micro-concretes in flexure test procedure was independent of compressive as well as flexure strength of the materials. This paper further discusses using load deflection curves to understand better the behaviour of composite specimens and evaluation of bond strength of the micro-concretes.