Intrinsic geological model generation for chromite pods in the Sabzevar ophiolite complex, NE Iran

Research paper by Mehrdad Soleimani, Behshad Jodeiri Shokri

Indexed on: 06 Apr '16Published on: 06 Apr '16Published in: Ore Geology Reviews


The Sabzevar ophiolite, with its colored mélange zone, is a highly disintegrated ophiolite complex located at the northern boundary of the central Iranian microcontinent. A large number of chromite pods occur in this area, which needs to be explored. In this study, a mathematical – geological genetic model is advanced as an exploratory tool that provides information for further exploration activity. A petrogenetic model of chromite ore was established on the basis of a geodata information database. This database consists of information from similar chromite mines from around the world. A detailed investigation of the geological, mineralogical and petrological characteristics of chromite pods in the Sabzevar region was conducted along with detailed petrological samplings, thin section studies and mineralogical analysis. In the next step, we developed a conceptual genetic model that defines areas with a high probability of the existence of chromite pods. The model was later refined using such parameters as a critical genetic factor (CGF) and critical reconnaissance criteria (CRC). Next, a linear function, which is a combination of these factors, provided promising regions as intrinsic geological units (IGU). Finally, a 3D model of lithological units depicting the IGU for chromite pods exploration is proposed.

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