Intraoperative antegrade lavage and anastomotic healing in acute colonic obstruction

Research paper by M. E. Foster, C. D. Johnson, P. J. Billings, P. W. Davies, D. J. Leaper

Indexed on: 01 Apr '86Published on: 01 Apr '86Published in: Diseases of the Colon & Rectum


The management of acute distal colonic obstruction remains controversial. The advent of intraoperative colonic irrigation has allowed primary anastomosis to be performed in obstructed bowel. Fifteen patients, with acute distal obstruction due to carcinoma, diverticulitis or sigmoid volvulus were managed by primary resection and anastomosis. There were two leaks (14 percent) and the duration of operation was prolonged. In an experimental study of anastomotic healing after acute obstruction, intraoperative irrigation improved early anastomotic colonic collagen content (P<0.02) and perianastomotic proximal and distal collagen content (P<0.002,P<0.05). Intraoperative lavage is a useful technique to permit safer primary resection and anastomosis in obstructed colon.