Intra-hepatic Mitomycin C bolus infusion in the treatment of extensive liver metastases of breast cancer.

Research paper by Toon T Maes, Hans H Wildiers, Sam S Heye, Wim W Demey, Geert G Maleux, Patrick P Neven, Allan T AT Van Oosterom, Robert R Paridaens

Indexed on: 14 Sep '07Published on: 14 Sep '07Published in: Breast Cancer Research and Treatment


In the treatment of extensive liver metastasis of breast cancer (LMBC), locally administered Mitomycin C (MMC) to the liver might be an effective approach with limited toxicity.We retrospectively reviewed the records of 30 patients with LMBC treated with intra-hepatic MMC at our institution. MMC (12 mg) was administered by transcatheter bolus infusion into the hepatic arteries every 4 weeks. Tumour response according to RECIST criteria, progression free survival (PFS), overall survival (OS) and duration of response (DR) were used to evaluate efficacy.There was a local response in the liver and a global response in respectively 33 and 26%. The median PFS, DR and OS were 3, 4 and 7 months, respectively. There was more benefit in patients without documented metastases outside the liver and without severe liver dysfunction. Thrombocytopenia, leucocytopenia and an allergic reaction were observed after MMC administration in 20 (67%), 12 (40%) and 4 patients (13%), respectively.Intra-hepatic MMC bolus infusion as treatment of extensive LMBC is associated with limited toxicity and has a significant response rate in the liver. Prospective investigations are required to define the place of this modality for treating patients with breast cancer liver metastases.

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