Internet use in the bariatric surgery patient population.

Research paper by Atul K AK Madan, David S DS Tichansky, Karen E KE Speck, Kimberly A KA Turman

Indexed on: 04 Oct '05Published on: 04 Oct '05Published in: Obesity Surgery


Many patients rely on the Internet for gathering medical information. Bariatric patients appear to explore the Internet for information regarding weight loss surgery. This investigation studied the hypothesis that Internet use is common among the bariatric population.From Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2003, every patient who visited our bariatric clinic was asked to fill out a questionnaire. This survey contained questions concerning use of the Internet and E-mail.Of the 127 respondents, 89% owned a computer, had Internet access, and had an E-mail address. 85% of the patients had searched the Internet for bariatric information, and 98% of these patients (91/93) found the information useful. Of the patients who had access to the Internet, 36% searched for information about the hospital, 40% about the clinic, and 54% about the surgeon. Most of the patients believed that all doctors and all clinics should be available via E-mail (88% and 92% respectively).Most patients who come to a bariatric clinic are Internet savvy. It is helpful for bariatric surgeons and clinics to post information about themselves on the Internet and to be available via E-mail.