Interlaminar Stresses Analysis of Three-Dimensional Composite Laminates by the Boundary Element Method

Research paper by Y. C. Shiah, M. R. Hematiyan

Indexed on: 21 Dec '18Published on: 01 Dec '18Published in: Journal of Mechanics


In engineering industries, composite laminates have been widely applied for various applications. This work presents an efficient analysis of the interlaminar stresses in three-dimensional thin layered anisotropic composites by the boundary element method (BEM). Due to the nearly singular integrals in the boundary integral equation, the conventional BEM approach cannot be applied to analyze the composite layers that are very thin. The present work employs the self-regularization scheme to analyze the interlaminar stresses in thin anisotropic composites. In the end, a few benchmark examples are presented to show the applicability of the present approach.